Do you want to eliminate time & costs involved with payments?

Want to eliminate time & costs involved with payments?

Banklinks for Business (B4B) connects the Infor SunSystems payables module and your bank for electronic funds transfers (EFT) or internet banking. B4B does both domestic and cross border payments including the EU SEPA standards requirements.

Using Banklinks for Business (B4B), you can eliminate the time and costs involved with printing and posting payments as well as the risk of human error and threat of cheque fraud.


  • B4B supports CHAPS, Faster Payments, SEPA and BACS
  • Over 250 bank formats for domestic and international payments and growing
  • Key data is fully encrypted with the option of PGP encryption for the bank file
  • Option for multiple payment run consolidation into a single bank instruction
  • Use B4B with eRemit to eliminate the need for cheque preparation and cheque/remittance postage



  • Added fraud prevention through separation of duties
  • Control approvals at a system and/or business unit level
  • Supports a global payments operation from a shared service centre or payments factory
  • Makes international payments and SEPA compliance painless for your team
  • Handles complexities of multiple currencies and multiple countries, such as payments in different currencies for the same supplier


Use our ROI calculator

Use the simple calculator below to work out the approximate return on investment with a B4B solution.


Enter how many payments you make per month  
Enter estimate print & postage cost per item (whole numbers)  
Enter how much time spent per payment batch (in minutes)  
Enter total annual FTE cost  
Total - Return on Investment  

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