From resumes and job orders to financial statements

There are many elements that need to come together to ensure your recruitment business is run effectively and in a profitable manner. No one understands these challengers more than Professional Advantage.


At Professional Advantage we have developed 1Staff for Microsoft Dynamics to meet the unique needs of the recruitment industry. 1Staff will provide you with an end to end software solution from resumes and job orders through to financial statements.


1Staff Front to Back Office software allows you to minimise costs because we have designed it to leverage existing Microsoft technology and deliver business insight through familiar productivity tools.

Built in Microsoft Dynamics 1Staff Front Office and 1Staff Back Office (formerly PAM) provides an integrated end to end solution for recruitment organisations by providing the following to all areas of your business:


Resume parsing
SharePoint document depository
Advanced search


Resources / Candidate Managers
Advanced CRM functionality
Marketing campaigns and relationship tracking
Powerful reporting and analysis


Deploys within Microsoft Outlook or Internet Explorer
Configurable forms, fields and workflow


Flexible time entry options
Fully integrated payroll or select the payroll solution of your choice


Unlimited invoice frequencies and formats
Email invoices with related timesheets attached


Full job costing
Cash flow management
Fully integrated financials 

At Professional Advantage we don't just provide our customers with the right software solutions. All of our customers continue to receive the right support they need to ensure they continue to obtain all the benefits of 1Staff for Microsoft Dynamics.


Our customers join our SupportPlus program which provides them with high quality service.


SupportPlus Fast Facts

  • Over 80% of support cases are closed in 2 working days
  • Support Staff have over 6 years customer support experience each
  • Fulltime dedicated resources certified in Microsoft Dynamics solutions
  • No case is closed until written confirmation is received
  • Free value adding services - webinars, user group meetings, newsletters
  • Online Support Centre for self service