Featured Client: ATSICHS Brisbane, Jarryd Aleckson, Information Technology.


In this current climate, our team have been reaching out to our clients to check in. We reached out to ATSICHS Brisbane to ask how they were being impacted.

We received this response from Jarryd Aleckson, Manager – Information Technology, about the recent Microsoft 365 project we conducted with them.


Hey Andrew,

Very hectic as you can expect. Around half of our organisation is working from home as of Monday 30th March. To say our Teams and SharePoint implementation project timing was immaculate would be an understatement. But looking at the positives, nothing drives cloud engagement like a pandemic!

Check out our Teams usage chart below. SharePoint, Yammer, and Stream look similar. We are running weekly Teams Live events on Yammer with our Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and this week’s event had over 1/3 of our workforce attend!

SharePoint forms and PowerApps are softening the changeover for our staff too. Thanks for the support!   


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