Technology firm Professional Advantage will this year work with the Australian arm of global doughnut company Krispy Kreme to integrate and streamline its operational and financial planning and reporting processes and to improve analytics and insight capabilities.


Professional Advantage will develop and implement a leading business intelligence platform in the form of BOARD Software. The immediate target improvement already underway will help Krispy Kreme manage production forecasts and scheduling, analyse real time sales and better manage its manufacturing cost base. This phase is on target to go live in early 2016. From there Krispy Kreme intend to address a whole raft of opportunities, digitally enabling it for a period of high growth.


Professional Advantage business development manager Jonathan Marcer says “We are very excited to partner with Krispy Kreme, it’s an amazing brand and has an exceptional team with a great vision for their future”.


“The ability to look back on historical data and forward at projected sales forecasts will give Krispy Kreme the insights they need to grow their existing outlets and support new outlets.”


Marty Kim, Chief Financial Officer, says Krispy Kreme approached Professional Advantage after it outgrew Excel for its planning and reporting.

With stores in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, the company needed a more efficient way to manage store and product performance.


“Recent updates of points of sale and inventory systems have given us the ability to have accurate and real-time data access. In order to extract large amounts of data and to analyse the information we needed to look for a tool that can give us more than what the basic excel functions can offer,” says Kim.


Krispy Kreme chose BOARD Software because it is scalable, reliable and used widely in industries including food, retail and manufacturing. Kim says Krispy Kreme selected Professional Advantage because of its proven record delivering similar CPM solutions for organisations like Suntory Australia.


“We were looking for a consulting firm with the right tool that could bring all our data and analysis into a single platform and give us better visibility and management of our business on a real-time basis. I was impressed not only by Professional Advantage’s knowledge on the product but also their very capable consultants who were able to respond to our requests with a tailored solution to suit the needs of our operations.”



About BOARD Software

BOARD Software is a mid-sized to enterprise-level corporate performance management and business intelligence solution that gives you a holistic view of your organisation’s performance. It supports reporting, analysis, scorecarding, dashboarding, budgeting, planning, forecasting and more.


To find out more about how BOARD Software can help your organisation work smarter, not harder, call Professional Advantage today on 1800 126 499.

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