From hands-on hack days to in-depth public workshops, Professional Advantage BOARD clients now have access to innovative training solutions that support long-term user adoption and return on investment. We’ve introduced two new BOARD training offerings:

  •  Hack days for technical users to exploit BOARD’s rapid development toolkit
  •  A series of public courses to deepen product expertise

When it comes to business intelligence and corporate performance management, BOARD is a market leader. These training sessions will ensure every customer has the product knowledge and awareness to extract maximum value from their solution. It’s another way that we reflect our ongoing commitment to positive client outcomes.

Led by our top BOARD consultants, participants will learn about new features as they are released; develop the skills to continually improve planning, analysis and reporting; and expand their product knowledge.

Initial feedback from customers has been positive, with over 95% of attendees saying they are ‘highly satisfied’ with their Professional Advantage BOARD training experience.

A first-time BOARD user and reporting analyst from not-for-profit ECH Inc. described the training as invaluable: “I would definitely recommend [the training] to my colleagues and other BOARD users. The format allowed us to show our current BOARD application, understand its design, and see how other businesses are using the application.”

A director from liquor distributor Spirits Platform shared similar feedback: “Well worth taking the time to do this [training] if you are serious about understanding this very powerful tool. Excellent for all levels of user; covers the basics through to more advanced concepts.”

BOARD hack days

BOARD hack days give technical users the chance to dig deeper into BOARD’s potential and meet other members of the BOARD community. Sessions are conducted at our training labs in Sydney and Melbourne, with experienced consultants available for input, expertise and direction. Participants can use these hack days to develop pet projects, or just get familiar with BOARD at a deeper level. Hack days are open to all Professional Advantage clients.

BOARD public training

BOARD public training sessions are delivered at client sites, online or at our training labs. Run by our highly skilled BOARD team, public training expands user horizons and helps organisations identify new ways to solve business challenges with BOARD. Courses range from beginner to expert.

Introductory sessions

  • Design - Design and create amazing BOARD experiences
  • Tips and tricks – How to save time and improve productivity
  • Financial reporting – Create and maintain formatted financial reports
  • Charting and visualisation – Examine data in new ways with custom visualisations

Advanced sessions

  • Database design – Create and maintain a BOARD database
  • Microsoft Office integration – Tips for Excel, Word and PowerPoint integration
  • Configuring procedures – Automate tasks, such as loading and extracting data, and invoking external programs
  • Drill-down and drill-through – Use SQL protocols for drill-down / drill-through functionality
  • Security model and environment – Install BOARD components and understand security architecture and troubleshooting

Interested in joining a BOARD training session? Email us at for more details.


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