Global software provider BOARD International has released its latest all-in-one BI and CPM product version, BOARD 10.


BOARD 10 introduces powerful cloud analytics and self-service data modeling. These features aim to:

  •          Improve user experience
  •          Take pressure off back office IT
  •          Transform how decision-making applications are built, deployed and used across enterprises.


The release also adds cloud BI and planning, HTML 5 technology and pre-built data connectors to BOARD's existing capabilities. As a result, users can uncover rich data insights with reduced reliance on IT.


BOARD International CEO Giovanni Grossi said the release puts data discovery in users' hands.


“Board 10 bridges the gap between user self-service and enterprise-class BI and CPM," he said in a statement.

This means users can work independently without compromising the software’s ability to support enterprise decision-making processes.


With BOARD 10, users can:

  •          Model, blend, load and mash up data from many sources without IT support
  •          Access a consistent user experience across devices with responsive HTML 5 technology
  •          Enrich data with out-of-the-box analytical tools
  •          Connect to popular data sources with pre-built connectors for products including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics


BOARD 10 is available on-premise, hosted or in a public cloud via BOARD Cloud.


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