Professional Advantage announces the release of SharePoint Intranet Packages, an affordable, fast‑deployment of SharePoint solutions aimed at the small to mid-sized business market.

While organisations at the bigger end of town have been peddling the benefits of a customisable SharePoint solution for their workplace, smaller businesses have, until now, been largely left out. SharePoint Intranet Packages fills a gap in the market for an entry‑level, out‑of‑the‑box SharePoint system that delivers in terms of price, performance, scalability, and speed of deployment.

"We developed SharePoint Intranet Packages in response to feedback from small and mid-sized businesses who told us they would love to have SharePoint but are deterred by its complexity, its upfront cost, and the fees associated with ongoing maintenance and support" said Andrew Mackenzie, SharePoint Practice Lead, Professional Advantage. "SharePoint Intranet Packages solve all that with a scaled‑down SharePoint option specifically designed with the needs of small to medium-sized business communities in mind."

SharePoint Intranet Packages offer 11 customisable out‑of‑the‑box SharePoint service modules. This packaged solution provides a number of commonly used SharePoint functions deployed using an accelerated approach that easily allows for the future deployment of value‑add SharePoint components.

The 11 modules include those designed to get a business up‑and‑running quickly, as well as those to further support and personalise the new and evolving SharePoint environment. A special feature of the SharePoint Intranet Packages is the cost‑saving bundle option. Some of these bundles include:

  • Cloud Explore Bundle: This low‑cost Intranet bundle allows a business to use SharePoint for communication, team collaboration, document management, search and plenty more.
  • Cloud Maximise Services: This option comprehensively addresses custom requirements, workshopping and solution design, delivery of those designs and other ad hoc consulting services for existing sites, site extensions and training services.

For more information on SharePoint Intranet Packages contact Professional Advantage on 1800 126 499 or visit our online Product brochure.


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