August 2015 – Sydney, Australia – Technology firm Professional Advantage has signed a deal with Panthers Group to transform how its clubs access, manage and interpret data.

With six licensed clubs, over 120,000 members and 1000 employees, Panthers Group is one of the largest club groups in New South Wales.

Panthers uses at least twelve key systems in areas such as payroll, point of sale, rostering, accounting, gaming, marketing and promotions. These systems don’t talk to each other, which makes it difficult to analyse data across business units.

Panthers Group financial controller Mathew Luszczynski says “There is a lot of data in different sources, and that data is powerful. But if we can’t access that information in real-time, we can’t make timely decisions.

Panthers Group needed a solution that could provide real-time analytics, dashboards and reporting from multiple systems in a single location. As a club-specific product with a proven ability to connect to Panthers key systems, Mathew says ClubIntel was an obvious choice.

Developed by Professional Advantage for the registered club industry, ClubIntel helps clubs to uncover, report on and analyse key data from all business units. From attendance records to peak food service times, ClubIntel’s easy-to-interpret dashboards drive more informed decision-making.

“We investigated a number of other solutions before selecting ClubIntel. A lot of systems claim they can do what ClubIntel does, but they’re not club-specific and they don’t have the same track record,” Mathew says.

“We didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. We are basically tweaking ClubIntel’s look and feel, rather than building a solution from scratch. That’s a big plus.”

Access will initially be limited to general managers and finance employees, but it is envisaged that the target audience will grow to include executives such as the CEO and COO, Finance Specialists, Gaming Managers, Marketing Managers and Departmental Managers. Eventually up to 40 employees will use ClubIntel on a regular basis.

Mathew says connecting ClubIntel to gaming, point of sale, membership, marketing and rostering systems will be a top priority.

He also hopes ClubIntel will make marketing spending more efficient.

“ClubIntel gives us the ability to measure where we spend our money, and determine whether we’re getting the best bang for our buck,” he says

We can look at the data in ClubIntel and prove that it brings people through the doors and increases member spend. If we put a car out in the foyer, for example, and this is what members want then why not do a car giveaway once a month instead of once a quarter?”

By providing detailed information about rostering, labour costs and revenue, ClubIntel will become a valuable tool to monitor wages budgets, our largest single expense line item.

“If we can see that sales are going down but labour costs are going up, then we can start to ask why that’s happened, what we can do about it, and adjust future rosters accordingly” Mathew says.

ClubIntel can help your club generate more revenue, attract new members and make data driven decisions. To find out more, contact Professional Advantage on 1800 126 499.