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Professional Advantage is delighted to announce another oil & gas operator to join the Professional Advantage community

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ADX Energy Ltd (ADX) is an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed oil and gas exploration and appraisal company. ADX operates five oil and gas permits in North Africa and Europe. ADX also has gold and base metal interests in Australia.


Kim Liew, the Financial Controller says "'We chose Infor FMS SunSystems from Professional Advantage for our financial management system due to their experience and know how in oil and gas. ADX see that the new implementation will provide real time and up to date information on all financial aspects of the business. This will provide transparency of our operations and meet the needs of the stakeholders in our business. We envisage that Infor FMS SunSystems will support our strategic objectives and growth plans into the future."


Kim continues, "I think the service from PA and Infor FMS SunSystems itself are superior than any other ERPs and provider. Infor FMS SunSystems is the ERP for oil and gas business."