Professional Advantage recently hosted a SharePoint 2010 event focussed around the 'Equation of Collaboration' with over 75 business leaders in attendance. The attendees were asked to rate the most important aspects of Collaboration to their organisation. Significantly, User Adoption was highlighted as being of the highest importance to those involved in implementing a collaboration platform like SharePoint 2010.


Following the 67% of respondents nominating the user adoption of a collaboration platform as being of the greatest significance, was the Strategy surrounding it and the Governance of the platform.


The event looked at user adoption, strategy and governance and their roles in the implementation of an effective intranet or extranet solution. Many organisations invest in a collaboration platform with no launch or promotional strategy in place, only to quickly realise levels of engagement amongst users aren't meeting expectations.


Professional Advantage would like to offer a useful guide written by one of our leading consultants, titled "Business Considerations for a SharePoint 2010 Migration." This guide is designed to help Business Decision Makers make informed choices when deciding to upgrade to SharePoint 2010. It is a valuable resource for people involved in making the key decisions on an organisation's use of SharePoint 2010.


For your own copy, please  click here to download.

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