Senex Energy Limited is a diversified Australian energy company with a long standing history in the oil and gas industry. The head office is based in Queensland. After the recent acquisition of a South Australian producer, the improvement of the purchasing function was essential to both operational and corporate objectives.


Objectives were to streamline and simplify the procurement process with an easy to use, web-based system with real time access and updates to the accounting system. This allows Senex staff to have a clear view of the procurement process, ensuring that procurement policies and procedures are adhered to.


With online approvals and easy searching of purchasing history, users have information online and in real time within a web browser environment. This means that Senex's staff has real time analysis of AFE budgets, including actual and committed expenditure as well as information to streamline and consolidate their supplier lists.


Professional Advantage works with a number of upstream oil & gas companies improving systems such as corporate and operational financial management and web-based procurement, expenses and timesheet systems that are integrated to the core data held in the accounting system.


Professional Advantage is active in processes unique to the oil & gas industry managing financial risk and turnaround time associated with processes such as AFE creation and operational risk associated with OH&S. See our oil and gas page for more details. 

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