Serco Sodexo Defence Services (SSDS) is a facilities management organisation with over 3,000 employees delivering soft and hard services to third parties in a highly regulated framework. Professional Advantage has already provided SSDS some great outcomes leveraging XMPro to delivering incident and hazard management, one aspect of the 'Safety First, Zero Harm' requirement within the business. In fact, the client estimates with the automation of reporting of incidents, the new process has increased efficiency by at least 25%.


As a next step SSDS wanted to broaden the scope and make the biggest organisational impact in the shortest time. By addressing the process of risk management and reporting across the organisation it did exactly that. Professional Advantage provided a framework for setting goals and KPIs, assigning responsible owners, collecting performance metrics and vitally, providing evidence. Users can access a range of reports, from the CEO's dashboard to the business portal where every employee can see the results. XMPro is now seen as a key enabler for SSDS 'Safety First, Zero Harm'.

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