As part of Australian National Maritime Museum's strategy to bring about productivity improvements across the organisation from leveraging new technologies, Professional Advantage has delivered its first XMPro Credit Card Management process.


In terms of benefits it has enabled Australian National Maritime Museum to:

  • Deliver the paperless process.
  • Deliver efficiencies in comparison to dependence on spread sheets and Credit Card PDF circulating by email.
  • Addressing coding and validation issues, validating and posting seamlessly with SunSystems.
  • Guarantee the timely processing and payment of credit card bills and recording expense commitments.
  • Provide visibility to card holder, approver and Finance team, approvals status.
  • Eliminate manual keying and double handling.


There is also the opportunity for further gains once the new system is deployed to other areas of the business. Time savings by using XMPro Credit Card is expected to be 80 to 90%.


Other recent implementations of XMPro conducted by Professional Advantage include Walker Corporation, Serco Sodexo Defence Services and Recreational Services.

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