Transitioning your

Dynamics GP to the cloud

You have decided you want to host your GP system in the cloud. This essentially means you will be provisioning hosted servers physically located separately from your main offices. This could entail using Azure, AWS, or a private hosting provider for your server infrastructure.

For Microsoft Dynamics GP, the typical development process and system requirements are essentially the same as an On-Premise deployment. Provision a Database server and Application server(s) to host the various GP server based components (for example Management Reporter, GP Web Client; Web services, etc).

When you host servers outside of your local network, there are usually added constraints on the response times and bandwidth that can affect the GP client. Usually when GP is run from a desktop machine, where the servers are located on the same local network, this is not an issue. A wide area network (WAN) which has dedicated bandwidth to the hosted servers will still have increased latency to the SQL server due to the extra distance the network packets must traverse. This increased latency affects the overall GP Client performance. Logging in, running reports and entering transactions would appear a lot slower than one might expect.

Transitioning to the Cloud

In order to combat these constraints, one would typically utilise a Remote Desktop Server (RDS) for user access. An RDS server is just like a workstation that users log into, however it is physically located near the GP Database and Application servers, and therefore gives much faster access to the database. Users can log in to the RDS server and use GP with similar performance than a locally hosted deployment.

A hosted GP deployment would therefore consist of the following servers:

Database server + Application server + RDS Server.

The exact resourcing and requirements of servers would largely depend on the number of users, the reporting requirements and any additional factors which need to be considered. A good starting point is the Official System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics.

There are additional considerations that must be thought about when moving to this type of redeployment.

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP servers need to be part of an Active Directory Domain.
  • Emailing: think about how GP users will use email functionality. How will your email services be affected or require re-engineering to allow for a hosted GP deployment?
  • Integrations: are there any integrations that need to communicate between different locations or servers (on premise vs hosted)? Will these be affected by moving the GP servers into hosted locations?
  • If users are accessing the RDP server through the internet or through a VPN/WAN, is there enough bandwidth to allow the concurrent remote connections?

Professional Advantage has helped a number of our customers transition their GP system to the Cloud. We can provide advice, experience and even the hosting environment itself.

For more information, contact your Account Manager.