To refer to the Cloud no longer sparks images of fluffy white things in the sky. Instead it is all about moving business applications to the Cloud. No longer do clients need to be sold on the benefits of the Cloud; instead they come to us wanting to know more about the move. So what are the many reasons companies are considering moving to the Cloud?

The biggest driver is ultimately upgrading to stay current with the latest version. Whether it is that an organisation’s hardware is up for renewal or they just want to modernise applications, the Cloud offers more than just keeping up with the times. 

Upgrading to this newer version of GP with a single provider allows companies to receive support of the application as well as the environment that it runs on. And let’s not forget the convenience of having someone else deal with the backups, the managing and patching, security, and generally hosting the application. This is a great contrast to some customer environments where there are various team members and external parties responsible for all different aspects, from servers to applications, backups and network security. 

Why companies might consider moving to the cloud

Other forces at play when contemplating a move to the cloud include when a business no longer wants to, or is no longer able to support their servers and software on premise. This might be because of changes in personnel, or a lack of skills or time. 

Another reason for other organisations to move to the Cloud is they are rapidly growing, or they’ve just outgrown the current infrastructure. They can’t keep up with the continual scaling of hardware and increased complexity to keep it running, putting a strain on both financial and staff resources. With the Cloud comes a more scalable and manageable environment.

Following on with the theme of modernising is that of improving working environments and worker capability. With the Cloud comes remote access and the ability to work from any location (with internet access). A real pull for both companies and staff, the availability to work remotely offers an improvement in the work environment, whether that be from home, during the commute, or from an office on the other side of the world. Ultimately the Cloud is more flexible for staff.

Once a company is in the stages of considering the Cloud, the thought process turns to whether the Cloud is a safe and secure place to store a company’s valuable data. Within the next newsletter the theme of the Cloud will be continued, with information and facts about why moving Dynamics GP to the cloud is a secure thing to do.

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