Many property developers and real estate managers are already managing buyer inquiries, investor relationships, and project information. However, you probably have a myriad of various disconnected systems, including Excel, and various rigid and unfriendly tools. These could hamper rather than empower your business.

With industry tools and solid implementation experience from Professional Advantage, we can help you to build a foundation essential to managing your business, from initial client contact through to the first stages of a property project, sales, and leasing.


We have helped the property and real estate management industry address challenges with:

Executing smarter campaigns, and analysing sales and marketing efforts effectively.

Accurately recording and reporting on rental and property sales against operational costs.

Easily and securely accessing development, property, project, and customer data on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Translating data into decisions with in-depth and visual reporting and analytics.


Our solution offerings for the property and real estate management industry

Customer Relationship Management

Provide your sales and marketing people with the tools they need to build great client relationships and to drive sales. Whether cloud or on-premise, our Microsoft based CRM solutions deliver end-to-end sales and marketing productivity.

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Financial Management

Empower your business with the ability to gain control of your financials, manage expenses, and drive growth. Our wide selection of financial management solutions, combined with our deep technical expertise and real-world experience will provide you with the best solution that will fit your current financial management business needs.

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Collaboration and Content Management

Bring your team together effortlessly, wherever they are. Provide them with a better way to collaborate, communicate, and share information using Microsoft's collaboration and content management tools, the leading platforms for organisations of all sizes.

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Business Intelligence

Get a complete view of your organisation’s performance in one interface. BI solutions provide organisations with visibility across all data sources, giving the information you need to make smarter decisions and unlock more value from existing technology investments.

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