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Property & Real Estate Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a great investment in property

Many property developers and real estate managers are already managing buyers' inquiries, investor relationships and project information. However, you probably have a myriad of various disconnected systems - from Excel to rigid and unfriendly databases. These could hamper rather than empower your business.


With a customer relationship management system from Professional Advantage we can provide you with the industry tools you need to build a foundation essential to managing your customers from initial contact through to the first stages of a property project, sales and leasing.


With easy to use features and capabilities, we can provide you with Microsoft Dynamics CRM  to help you improve the way sales and marketing target new customers and manage marketing campaigns based on current and upcoming projects and drive sales activities.


How can you benefit from Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Easily access development, property, project and customer data
  • Manage property sales leasing cycles
  • List multiple prospective buyers per property
  • Set up investor portal to access information
  • Integrates Microsoft Office & Outlook
  • Remote mobile access support Sales team from any site, anywhere
  • Analyse sales and marketing efforts easily and effectively
  • Execute smarter marketing campaigns

Having consulted and successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM at a number of property management companies including Knight Frank and Estate Construction, Professional Advantage understands the needs of the property & real estate industry.