Professional Advantage brought a great deal of relevant knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

CFO, Nido Petroleum Limited

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Oil & Gas

Professional Advantage provides solutions unique to the needs of the oil & gas industry

Professional Advantage has a vibrant and growing community of upstream and downstream oil & gas customers. We have been providing solutions unique to the needs of oil & gas industry for many years and continue to specialise and evolve our systems to suit the specific needs of this sector. 


We recognise each company in the oil & gas sector has different needs and are at different stages; be it a team focused on small scale exploration and production, to more established oil & gas organisations with a wider, more varied portfolio of production and exploration assets.


We tailor our offering to provide a solution appropriate to the stage that you are at. It could be that your greatest challenges are around risks operating in the country of production.  Local regulations may impose high compliance burdens around taxation and reporting. You could be struggling with your legal and business structures with multiple subsidiaries and joint venture entities.


Whatever your business pain, we have a tailored solution around complex financial management, AFE budgetary control and reporting, web-based procurement and timesheets as well as tailored reporting and analysis solutions that will ensure you have the visibility of your business at your fingertips.