On-Demand: Achieve More with Board Lunch 'n' Learn webinar series Episode 3

Achieve More

with Board Lunch 'n' Learn webinar series


In the Layout Editor we specify what and how data is presented in the data view.

Can we hide a column from the data view? Can we view data broken down by department? Can we analyse this sales data by territory? Can we add the product group to this report?

The answers to these questions are all available within the Layout Editor. Therefore, we are dedicating our March session of Lunch ‘n’ Learn to dive deep into how to use the Layout Editor and Block Settings in Board.

Episode #5: A Deep Dive into Board's Layout Editor for Data views.

Watch to learn how to: 

  • Quickly modify data views by choosing which columns to show or hide. 
  • Swap column and row data, to group data by different entities.
  • Modify data view components such as subtotals, number formatting, data ranking, and conditional formatting.
  • Use the ‘detail by’ feature to combine different levels of granularity for different measures within the same report.
  • Troubleshoot configuration errors using the ‘Solve Issues’ button.

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Michael Foertsch

Michael Foertsch
Customer Services Manager

Michael is a high performing business professional with over 20 years' experience in the IT industry. He has worked in various roles including technical product support, business development, account management, team leadership, and strategic business management. He has a proven record of being comfortable and accomplished in helping organisations improve their business systems as well as leading and mentoring individuals’ personal development.

Alberto Fiocca

Alberto Fiocca
Business Intelligence Consultant

Alberto is a Business Intelligence consultant specialising in planning, Corporate Performance Management (CPM), and solution design and implementation. He has over a decade of IT experience supporting clients on their path to transformational improvement, challenging them to focus on the final objectives within their organisation.

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