Bringing People, Process & Technology together

Engaging the right people across multiple departments, having the right strategy in place and utilising the right tools can drastically improve the budgeting and forecasting process. Integrating these 3 elements, provides the right framework for a successful outcome that supports effective decision making and business direction.  

At this event, business performance speaker Chris Catto and business transformation strategist Jonathan Marcer will discuss the latest trends influencing budgeting and forecasting processes, and technology.

This event will address key topics, including:

  • Pitfalls of the traditional budgeting process
  • Ways to transform the Finance brand within your Organisation
  • Aligning financial budgets with overall business goals
  • Increasing forecasting accuracy and relevancy
  • Improving collaboration across various teams
  • Increasing productivity by leveraging cloud and mobility capabilities
  • Things to consider when evaluating Budgeting and Forecasting tools

Who should Attend?

Finance professionals, budget managers, business decision makers and advisors. 

Introducing our speakers

Chris Catto
Christopher Catto

Business Performance Speaker, Author and Profit Generation Adviser

Jonathan Marcer
Jonathan Marcer

Business Transformation Strategist