A major challenge of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is to maintain a unified approach where plans are consistently aligned to the overall organisational goals.

In addition to people skills, knowledge, and having the right processes in place, using the right technology plays a very important role in supporting supply chain excellence.

In this 45-minute insight into BOARD Software capabilities, we take you through how technology can help support S&OP teams with their planning needs and making sure their goals are aligned to the overall business strategy.

product performance dashboard

Join us in the second episode of our live webinar series as we showcase BOARD Software planning capabilities featuring:

  • What-if scenarios to evaluate the potential impact of your decisions
  • Integrated reporting to support decisions and data coherence across departments
  • Analytical engine to simulate and support new business ideas
  • Online presentations for easy collaboration

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This webinar is intended for Australian businesses across all sectors, but specifically for:  

  • CFOs, COOs, CIOs
  • Finance Managers
  • Managing Directors
  • Operations Managers
  • IBP (Integrated Business Planning) Roles



Alberto Fiocca

Alberto Fiocca

Alberto is a Business Intelligence Consultant specialising in Planning, Corporate Performance Management, and Solution Design and Implementation. He brings years of IT experience supporting clients on their path to transformational improvement.

Professional Advatage

Professional Advantage is one of Australia’s most awarded technology providers with over 20 years’ experience in helping organisations deliver more through its portfolio of industry leading software solutions.

BOARD International, founded in 1994, has enabled more than 3000 companies worldwide to rapidly deploy Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management and Predictive Analysis applications on a single unified and programming-free platform.

PA has been partnered with BOARD in the Australian market for over 5 years and has over 50 BOARD customers together with a large team of expert consultants and support professionals.