Intranets are Dead. Introducing the Digital Workplace

The intranet of tomorrow is here. Get the latest insights on how it’s changing the way organisations generate, share, consume and retain information.

It’s no secret that social, collaborative and knowledge-sharing tools have changed the way people work. Chief technology officers and IT directors have watched as employees request real-time access to tasks, project information, corporate documents and internal capabilities. 

They’ve heard that the next generation of knowledge workers wants to access corporate information with the same ease as Facebook, Dropbox or Evernote. One thing is clear: organisations that want to attract and retain top talent need to catch up – and fast.

The traditional intranet has evolved to include social collaboration platforms, search functionality, mobile access, location-based services and user-centric designs, making them key to delivering a digital workplace and helping individuals and teams work more efficiently across an entire enterprise. Is your organisation ready to do the same?




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If your organisation struggles with complex workflows, collaboration, security permissions or integration across multiple systems, this is one event you won’t want to miss.

Our Speakers

Andrew Mackenzie

Andrew has helped enterprise clients boost productivity, reduce risk and improve compliance through technology for almost two decades. He shows clients how to use technology to identify market opportunities and maximise business performance. 

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Mark Watson

With eight years of SharePoint product experience, Mark is fascinated by the intranets of tomorrow. From social integration to mobile access, he’s constantly on the hunt for new technologies that deliver value to enterprise-level SharePoint clients. 

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Why you should attend

This seminar will give you a greater understanding of:

  • Why your organisation should embrace a digital workplace and what outcomes you can expect
  • The surprising ways effective collaboration increases organisational intelligence
  • What the future of social, enterprise search and mobility can look like for your organisation
  • How to take advantage of digital workplace developments to grow your bottom line