Join us on our webinar and learn how to Fast-Track your Business with BOARD 10

BOARD 10 highlights

Version 10 brings a dramatic technological shift to the BOARD platform, introducing a series of innovations that revolutionize the way in which decision-making applications are built, deployed and used across organizations.

  • Data Fast-Track
  • Board Cloud
  • HTML Technology
  • Analytical Functions
  • Prebuilt Data Connectors
  • ...and more


Fast-Track your Business with BOARD 10

Who is presenting?

Jonathan Marcer is our Business Transformation Strategist at Professional Advantage for 16 years, leading our CPM and BI practice

Alberto Fiocca is our Business Intelligence Analyst consultant at Professional Advantage. Having previously worked at BOARD headquarters in Switzerland and recently joining the PA team this year, Alberto brings a wealth of knowledge of the BOARD product.


Who should attend?

CFOs, CIOs, Chief IT Operations, Knowledge Managers, Business Line Managers, Marcomms Managers, HR Managers