Do your current systems restrict your organisation’s growth?

Get a better picture with The New Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

7 Signs that you are outgrowing your current system and need to see the bigger picture

  1. You have become an expert at finding ways around the system’s failings, creating external processes for things like timesheet entry, job cards & managing customer relationships.
  2. You spend more time using excel than you do your accounting system.
  3. You have a monthly task for reconciling data across multiple systems that you use.
  4. Staff are taking longer to do their job because the system does not support new business processes.
  5. Your staff is mobile but your data is not.
  6. You are missing out on business opportunities because you do not have the reports to support your decisions.
  7. Your system lacks the overall agility to keep up with your growing business requirements. 

We will show you how the New Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 will provide you with the required analytical tools & inbuilt reporting systems to help make better decisions & drive growth.


Who is presenting?


Robert has worked on over 100 GP projects, helping organisations maximize revenue and minimize costs. He will be taking you through how Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 can help transform your work environment.

Who should attend?

For all NON GP users only

CFO’s, CIO’s, CEO’s, Finance Managers, Financial Controllers & IT Managers

Join us & see the difference with the NEW Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 release & take your business to greater heights

If you are a GP customer, we got another event just for you. Please click here.