Is your forecasting and budgeting solution bringing strategic value to your business?

Join our free webinar and discover why 56% of CFOs believe that improving forecasting capabilities is the initiative that can bring the most strategic value to the organisation*.

If you’re serious about improving your ability to plan ahead, you need a more reliable, accurate and powerful budgeting and forecasting solution.

Attend this webinar and learn how BOARD can transform your budgeting and forecasting.

How can BOARD help?

With BOARD, Dynamics GP clients don’t need to use spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting. By integrating BOARD and Dynamics GP, users receive a holistic view of their business performance, from operational execution to results monitoring. 

  • An advanced, easy-to-use forecasting framework  
  • Workflow approvals 
  • A platform for multiple users to work on the same file
  • Links to your financials in Dynamics GP
  • Browser access so you don’t need Excel to view or edit data
  • A secure database so you never lose valuable information.

Philip de Harcourt

Who's presenting?

Philip de Harcourt is a CPA and an MBA with over 15 years’ experience consulting to organisations across a range of industries. His aim is to provide clients with the information and insights to allow them to make better decisions and achieve a competitive advantage through his expertise in Budgeting, Forecasting and Business Intelligence technology solutions.

Over the last six years Philip has been the lead consultant at Professional Advantage within the Melbourne Performance Management team where he has completed more than 20 implementations of budgeting, forecasting and business intelligence solutions.

What is BOARD?

A visual modelling toolkit, BOARD is an all-in-one Business Intelligence (BI) and CPM solution.

By integrating Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management in a single product, BOARD helps companies manage and control the entire decision-making process: from data collection to information analysis; from goal-setting to decision-making; from operational execution to results monitoring.

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 *The View from the Top – CEOs see a powerful future for CFOs. Are CFOs ready for the challenge? KMPG. December, 2014