Data insights

Business data is of little value if it can't be accessed, analysed and used to make better business decisions and gain a competitive advantage. At Professional Advantage we can deliver what you need to turn information into insights and insights into action.

Insights via business analytics

Our data insight services centre around business analytics. If your is a typical organisation, you are acquiring new data every day, and the volume of data you now have is very high. In all likelihood, it is stored in a variety of disparate information systems throughout your organisation. We use sophisticated business analytics tools that can uncovers, and enables you to make sense of that data. The insights you gain will help you achieve both your day‑to‑day business objectives as well as your organisation's broad strategic goals.

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Get insights from your data

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Analytics for any business goal

To fully deliver on the promise of business analytics, you need a team that understands what you're trying to achieve. You may, for example, be seeking to enhance customer relationships, improve the performance of your marketing campaigns, streamline business operations, reduce risk or boost sales.

Whatever your business objectives are, our data insight services can help get you there. Our consultants draw on a wide range of business and technical skills and experience to ensure that the insights you gain will make a real difference to your organisation.

While the ability to see around corners remains somewhat elusive, business analytics provides the next best thing. Our data insight services will reveal things you never knew before. Your ability to plan for the future, fuel growth, avoid costly missteps and respond rapidly to changing conditions will be greatly enhanced through the use of our services.

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Our data insight services include:

  • Data extraction
  • Auditing - external and internal
  • Business Intelligence strategy consulting
  • Corporate performance management
  • Predictive analytics
  • Reporting design and development
  • Mobile device data capture, access and analysis
  • Business process optimisation
  • Big data insights

If you would like to unlock the hidden value in your organisation's data, Professional Advantage is the ideal partner for you. To find out more please contact us on 1800 126 499.

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