“The way Professional Advantage worked with us was perfect.”


iNova Pharmaceuticals


PA Product

A centralised communication platform.

Visibility of content published across the business.

An iNova branded interface.

An effective search capability.

Availability of access aytime, anywhere, on any device.

Visibility of content published across the business.

iNova Pharmaceuticals, a leading consumer healthcare and prescription medicine company, now boasts the success of their SharePoint Online Intranet implementation. As a global company operating across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa since 2006, they needed a platform that would connect their international offices and operations, subsequently empowering their people to communicate, collaborate, and share content in more effective ways.

SharePoint offers the features they need.
Prior to Professional Advantage implementing SharePoint, the seven regional offices of iNova were operating independently whilst trying to communicate a consistent message to employees across these regions. There were offices with old technology, dated content, and even a lack of a company portal of their own. SharePoint provided:
• A centralised communication platform.
• Visibility of content published across the business.
• An iNova branded interface.
• An effective search capability.
• Availability of access anytime, anywhere.

“It meets the objectives that we set right at the start. [...] At the end of a brief design engagement, we had a project scope that formed a basis for the direction.”

Professional Advantage delivers.
A key factor in iNova’s choice of SharePoint was the opportunity to leverage the existing and proven technologies available within Microsoft Office 365; this ultimately meant a cost-effective, easy to use solution that users would be familiar with. Professional Advantage offered deep technical expertise and proven delivery approaches that meant choosing them to implement their corporate intranet on SharePoint Online was simple.

Michael Smit, Associate Director for Technology & Business Transition at iNova, was happy to discuss the benefits the company received, and praise the process with Professional Advantage.

“The dynamic nature [of the project] put a lot of pressures on us as a team, but the PA consultant was excellent at ensuring the department owners received what they wanted.”

Benefits already!?
Barely six months on from the intranet launch, iNova is already able to recognise key benefits and results.

“The solution is effective, complete, up-to-date, and good for both the everyday user and periodic user.”

The communication benefits have resulted in the intranet becoming the one-stop-shop for the company’s news, events, announcements, content, key links, etc.

The 24x7 accessibility available to employees has resulted in greater productivity, empowering people to get the information they need a lot quicker. They are also connected easily with other important tools as it is running on Office 365, like OneDrive for Business, Outlook Online, and Skype for Business.

“As sites began developing, different departments identified with certain features and began requesting additional functions for themselves.”

The search feature has enabled employees to find information at a much greater speed. Working with PA, iNova spent considerable time planning the information architecture to ensure the most effective and efficient platform for all who use it.

Everyone is on board!
The key success factor of this project is the user adoption. Four months after go-live, over 90% of users globally were active in the new platform!

“[The users] really like it. If you’re doing a comparison of the old [platform], they would say it’s worlds apart.”

The agile and dynamic approach to the project delivery and the people involved made the project the success that it was.

“It was fantastic when they came to the go-live date. Everyone was happy with the result.”


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