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Key Points

  • Better response time for implementing IT changes with access to Professional Advantage’s large team of resources

  • Improved IT environment uptime as issues get resolved before the user is impacted

  • Increased productivity by reallocation of internal staff to business focused activities instead of break fixing infrastructure related issues

  • Reduced management cost associated with in-house training and certification requirements to manage and maintain internal IT infrastructure

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Implement an infrastructure service support model to proactively manage Twinings infrastructure environment and minimise business risks associated with system downtime.

Established in 1706, Twinings started selling fine teas in England. Twinings are considered experts in blending various teas—from black, green, white to herb and fruit infused. Today, Twinings sells more than 200 teas in over 100 countries throughout the world.

Twinings needed to update their aged IT infrastructure by updating their servers to reduce risks associated with downtime and to establish a more robust disaster recovery process. Twinings needed a partner that could proactively support their ongoing server infrastructure and recommend best practices in server management.

Twinings wanted to address these business concerns:

  1. Risks associated with systems downtime, the internal IT team were fully stretched and occupied with fixing system issues.
  2. Limited visibility in their IT environment due to a lack of advanced management tools.
  3. Local internal resources not able to keep up with training and certifications required to stay updated with security issues. Another IT resource was needed to assist with the workload which proved not to be cost effective.
  4. Impact on user productivity due to the time taken by already stretched internal resources to fix issues.

Professional Advantage with its experienced Infrastructure services team provided predictive support services to Twinings to manage their IT infrastructure. With predictive support, infrastructure and network issues are detected and addressed in advance end users are impacted. A remote management tool is used to detect odd patterns in the infrastructure or network which then alerts Professional Advantage’s dedicated infrastructure team to investigate any issues.

As part of the PA support services offering, Twinings have utilised the full Professional Advantage team allowing a smoother transition process through the project management and consulting team. This has also resulted in improved response times and a project delivered within the set timeline.

Within weeks of deploying the remote management tool into the Twining’s network, PA was able to transition Twinings to a proactive support model. The Twinings team are now more confident in their network and security measures  knowing that a more experienced team is proactively monitoring their server infrastructure and can be reached out any time for any urgent infrastructure issues.