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Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children


PA Product


Infor FMS SunSystems v 5.2.1:
Foundation, Accounting,
Multicurrency, Budgeting &
Forecasting, Sales, Vision 6,
XL, Executive & Word, ePAY,
E Remit, Bank Reconciliation,
Collect, Advanced Inquiry and
Receipting were implemented
on a Microsoft SQL Server
2000/ Windows 2003 platform.

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New business processes and requirements allowed RIDBC to better manage resources and funding.

The organisation

Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children (RIDBC), based in North Rocks, New South Wales, is one of Australia's premier providers of educational services to children with hearing and/or vision impairment. 


As a Not For Profit organisation there is a high focus on financial management, compliance and accountability to donors and the government for grants.


RIDBC has about 300 full time equivalent employees including Teachers, Therapists, Administration, Fundraisers & Academics. It offers a range of educational and support services for children aged 0-18 years, as well as tertiary training for special education teachers.


Business problem

RIDBC had been using Infor FMS SunSystems v4 for a number of years and over time their operations had changed and grown. There was a desire for improved financial processes to deliver greater flexibility, more timely reporting and a significant reduction in dependancy on manual processes and spreadsheets.


RIDBC wanted the Infor FMS SunSystems structure to be specific to their industry which would then allow them to better manage their resources & funding.


Reporting was no longer of an acceptable standard for RIDBC. The business requirements were no longer matched within the system design and operational reporting required manual intervention and manipulation of spreadsheets, increasing the risk of inaccuracies and human error.


Business benefits

Professional Advantage and the enthusiastic RIDBC project team implemented Infor FMS SunSystems v5 on time and within budget.


A concerted effort was made not to complicate the new design and special attention was given to achieving productivity gains across the board. Infor FMS SunSystems v5 provides quicker data processing via the new customised forms along with enhanced functionality in all areas. The upgrade has provided RIDBC with measurably better business processes and tighter governance in the cashcritical areas of receipting and payments.


Staff resources are no longer allocated to menial tasks and this recovered time is now being allocated to better manage RIDBC resources.


The Infor FMS SunSystems Budgeting & Forecasting implementation has given RIDBC an enormous benefit. The budgets were originally managed on a number of unwieldy Excel spreadsheets which was time consuming to manage and ensure accuracy.


Prior to the upgrade RIDBC staff were unable to explain workforce variances in a timely fashion without interrogating multiple systems. Michele Weight, the Financial Accountant for RIDBC, says "Now it is instant and one of the major benefits is that all Executive Committee members have real time access to their required information". It also offers Executive Committee members the ability to do forecasts, something which they could not do easily before.


RIDBC have 30 cost centres for acquittal purposes; each require a profit & loss to be completed. These are then grouped into Fund Raising, Corporate Services and Educational Services categories. This process was managed in Excel and the sheer number of spreadsheets often resulted in the flow of information from sheet to sheet being incorrect. With Infor FMS SunSystems Budgeting & Forecasting now the information is consistent, reliable and available instantaneously - there are no more spreadsheets.