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Key Points

  • Rapid business growth and geographic expansion make it imperative that operational managers are kept up to date with a wide variety of business information.
  • Recreational Services chose the Board business intelligence tool to improve management access to information and to support greater analysis by bringing together data from key systems including financial, performance management, payroll and call centre systems.
  • Across the enterprise, Board dashboards and reports now provide divisional and operational managers with ready access to accurate, up-to-date KPI-related information, enabling them to keep abreast of activity and quickly respond to changing business demands.

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Recreational Services implement Board with Professional Advantage to bring visibility and support growth.

The Company
Recreational Services is New Zealand’s leading provider of turf, parks and facilities management. Since 1992, the family-owned company has been providing innovative garden and landscape designs, maintenance and management of plantings and green spaces to organisations including councils, schools, golf courses, sports fields, public parks and gardens. Recreational Services’ clients are found across the North and South Islands. The company employs more than 450 staff and enjoys a turnover of approximately $40 million annually.

The Need
In the last decade, growing demand has resulted in a much larger client base, an expanding geographic territory and increased staff numbers for Recreational Services. To support the higher levels of activity the company has carefully grown its IT capabilities, ensuring management and staff have access to a range of business, administrative and communications tools. Recently however, with no sign of demand slowing, management realised it needed to find still more ways to support operations staff and team managers. There was plenty of data available within the company to help these managers, but it wasn’t always easy to turn it into actionable information. What was required was a way of automatically gathering the right data from all of Recreational Services’ systems, then using analysis and reporting to distil critical information such as key performance indicators for each team.

Historically, the company had relied on spreadsheets for almost all of its management reporting. It was an approach that lacked the scalability and reliability required of a large and growing enterprise. As a result there was too little collaboration and even less visibility between teams. In addition, the manual processes incurred in reporting hampered efficiency and slowed the cycle time.

The Solution
Professional Advantage, Recreational Services’ IT partner of many years, recommended deploying a Board business intelligence (BI) software solution. This would provide management with a single integrated framework for reporting, viewing, querying and analysing data from all of Recreational Services’ data sources including financial, performance management, payroll and call centre systems.

Confident that it was the right advice, a team of Recreational Services staff began working with Professional Advantage consultants to deploy the Board platform, build the dashboard and develop automated reports. The first system built using the BI tool was a new budgeting system. Other systems soon followed including contact centre operations, monitoring and managing procedural training and IT expenditure.


  • Visibility into operations has improved as managers have immediate and clear access to key performance indicators for all areas of the business.
  • Unlike the old spreadsheets, reporting through Board is both scalable and reliable; managers know the information is accurate.
  • Efficiency has improved as management and administrative staff no longer waste time manipulating data and struggling with spreadsheets.
  • Board is simple and fast; operational and divisional managers find it easy to use and easy to understand.