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Kenneth Copeland Ministries


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Business Objective

Financials, Operations, Inventory, Membership

Business Benefits

  • A not-for-profit organisation, KCM must tightly target its services for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The organisation collects a great deal of information from every contact with its “partners” (or donors), across all touch points, but until recently, lacked the reporting tools for deep analysis of the data.
  • QlikView has given KCM an enterprise business intelligence capability that has improved financial, donor and campaign management, brought new efficiencies to inventory management and is enabling the Ministry to deliver more relevant, personalised services based on individual partner preferences.

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The Company

Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) delivers Bible-based teaching focused on the principles of victorious Christian living. It achieves this through smart use of media including television broadcasts, podcasts, a free monthly magazine, the distribution of CDs and DVDs, partner letters, website and more. The Ministry carries out its work across the globe and since 1978, it has maintained an active presence in Australia.

The Need

Whenever an individual contacts KCM, be it as a result of a letter, a phone call or an email, if they visit the website, purchase products, attend an event or contribute money, all the details of the interaction are recorded in a customer relationship management system specially designed for Christian ministries.


The CRM provides KCM with an exceptionally detailed repository of information about its partners, their history and their likely future needs. It holds the source material that enables KCM to conduct targeted marketing campaigns and manage subscriptions. As a planning and management tool, the CRM is a crucial piece of software but it has one big problem. The system can only offer limited reporting. For example, it is possible to use the CRM to analyse marketing campaign responses, identify response rates, time frames and successful triggers but it involves time-consuming, convoluted processes and relies on IT intervention.


For KCM to obtain maximum value from the CRM, the organisation realised it needed a business intelligence tool that would provide faster and deeper visibility into the data. It required a solution that could be used to analyse and report on partner information and trends. A tool that could draw together different dimensions of data from other key business systems including KCM’s online store, website and its Microsoft Dynamics GP financial system.

The Challenges

A key challenge was time constraints around managing business as usual activities, and the time it would take to develop a robust reporting system which was uncomplicated and flexible. The Ministry was also aware it would need a support partner to help increase the necessary in-house skills to become self-sufficient in its reporting.

The Solution

Having provided support and development services for KCM’s financial system for some years, Professional Advantage was in a unique position to understand KCM’s needs. After analysing the requirement, Professional Advantage recommended deploying a QlikView business intelligence solution.


  • Following initial success with the CRM system, QlikView use has expanded and the software is now being used to provide key performance data for areas including contact centre operations, finance and inventory.
  • Project management has improved due to greater visibility into progress towards project goals.
  • Cost savings are being achieved through more accurate ordering of print runs for educational media.
  • Financial data is accessible on a weekly or even daily basis, whereas in the past nothing was available until end of quarter.
  • Good quality data is making reports more accurate and more meaningful, while in turn, immediacy of information is enabling faster identification of emerging trends.
  • QlikView is helping to mentor call centre staff by analysing performance against indicators such as number of calls answered, duration of calls and data entry per call.
  • The Ministry also anticipates future cost savings and efficiencies as QlikView begins to play a more prominent role in product ordering and inventory management.