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Australia, South Africa, Asia

Key Points

  • iNova Pharmaceuticals wanted to bring together their siloed global communications and knowledge repositories through a digital content and communications platform.
  • SharePoint Online was chosen for its seamless integration with iNova’s Office 365 environment, and it paved the way for key productivity gains including delivery of consistent messages across the business, enablement of staff to find targeted information quickly, and making knowledge accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • User engagement was a critical success factor, so an open and user-first approach was devised to connect a broad spectrum of staff during the 3 month development.
  • Over 90% of iNova’s staff across all offices are active on the new platform, with content owners updating sites, end users interacting with the new dynamic intranet, and iNova executives thrilled with the results.
  • The agile and dynamic approach to the project delivery and the people involved made the project the success it was, and the intuitive nature of the solution has meant support requests, and therefore ongoing costs to the business, are much lower than expected.

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iNova Pharmaceuticals accelerates user adoption of their SharePoint Intranet using an open and user-first approach to project implementation

The Company

iNova Pharmaceuticals is a leading prescription and consumer health medicine company operating across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa since 2006. Its mission is to improve the overall well-being of its patients and consumers by providing valued pharmaceutical products and services. Their product portfolio includes weight management, pain management, dermatology, cardiology, respiratory health, and allergy.

As a global business, iNova needed a platform that would connect their international offices and operations and empower their people to communicate, collaborate, and share content more effectively.

Enabling that vision was challenging to execute with their existing Intranet and communications platforms operating in silos. The arrival of the new iNova SharePoint Intranet on Office 365, delivered in partnership with Professional Advantage, has achieved this vision with a success beyond executive expectations.

The Need

Delivering the same communication and content sharing experience for its people was one of the biggest challenges at iNova Pharmaceuticals. The seven regional offices were operating independently and communicating a consistent message to employees across regions was not easy.

Some of the offices used old technology with very dated content, and some didn’t even have a company portal of their own. The employees had to spend a considerable amount of time searching for information or keeping up with the latest happenings via hallway talk or siloed emails. The old platforms were not user-friendly and didn’t support their mobile employees because it was only accessible either when the user was in the office or connected to a VPN. There was also a constraint that only allowed IT personnel to update the previous portals which discouraged updates and dynamic content.

The Solution

The transition to a modern workplace was set in motion after a decision was made by iNova stakeholders to put in place an engaging communication and collaboration platform. They wanted to further leverage the existing and proven technologies available in Microsoft Office 365. Apart from being cost-effective and easy to use, most of the applications in Office 365 were already familiar to its users.

Because of their deep technical expertise and proven approaches in delivering successful SharePoint implementations, Professional Advantage was selected by iNova to implement their corporate intranet on SharePoint Online. The key features of the solution included:

  • Centralised communication platform with news, announcements, events, people directory, important links, and various team sites residing in the intranet.
  • Visibility of content across the business published by users to foster cross-region and cross-function communications.
  • Built-in search capability of SharePoint paired with guidance from Professional Advantage on information architecture and governance planning.
  • iNova branded user interface that is easy to use, highly responsive, and accessible on mobile devices.

“It meets the objectives that we set right at the start. (The users) really like it. If you’re doing a comparison of the old (platform), they would say it’s worlds apart” – Michael Smit, Associate Director, Technology & Business Transition, iNova Pharmaceuticals


Barely half a year from the time the new intranet was launched with Professional Advantage, iNova is now reaping its benefits:


SharePoint has shifted iNova’s former disparate workplace to a more collaborative environment. It allows employees to have visibility on content published by all users, furthering cross-regional and cross-functional communications. The new intranet has become the one-stop-shop for the company’s news, events, announcements, various content, and important links, allowing people to stay regularly connected and informed.


Only four months after go-live, over 90% of iNova’s users globally adopted the new platform, updating it with fresh content almost daily. Professional Advantage provided drop-in sessions that involved the users during the planning stages to encourage ownership and allow everyone to have a voice on how their team sites will work for them. The new sleek look and feel, easy navigation, and rich content improved user engagement that far exceeded the expectations of iNova’s project sponsors.


Accessibility 24x7 on any device has empowered people, particularly non-desk employees, to get to the information that they need a lot quicker. And because it is running on Office 365, it also connects them easily to other important tools such as their OneDrive for Business for content sharing, Outlook Online for emails, and Skype for Business for online conferencing and chats.


SharePoint’s intuitive and powerful Search capability has dramatically reduced the amount of time that employees need to spend searching for information. Working with Professional Advantage, iNova spent considerable time planning the information architecture resulting in highly organised, properly labelled, and easy to navigate content. The effort put into governance planning guided the various content owners in understanding what their responsibilities are, how often content should be updated, and the process behind updating it.

“It was fantastic when they came to the go-live date. Everyone was happy with the result. For Professional Advantage to be able to make necessary changes quickly based on our sponsor’s executive vision was just fantastic!” – Sam Cumming, Senior Project Manager, iNova Pharmaceuticals

“The way Professional Advantage (PA) worked with us was perfect. At the end of a brief design engagement, we had a project scope that formed a basis for the direction. As sites began developing, different departments identified with certain features and began requesting additional functions for themselves. We were pushed hard by the executive sponsor on a delivery timeframe, so the agile nature of the work conducted and rapid adjustments to sites on the fly ensured we could meet our timeline goals without constraint of constant project administration like change requests. The dynamic nature put a lot of pressures on us as a project team, but the PA consultant was excellent ensuring the department owners received what they wanted. In the end the result speaks for itself, and for the quality of personnel who assisted us at Professional Advantage. The solution is effective, complete, up to date and good for both the everyday user and the periodic user - it is intuitive and as a result, user support requirements are more manageable. All of those things just add to an overall enhanced user experience" Michael Smit, Associate Director, Technology & Business Transition, iNova Pharmaceuticals.