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About Grant Samuel

Grant Samuel is a leading independent investment banking group serving the Australian and New Zealand markets. Established in 1988 it employs more than 100 people operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland and Wellington. 


The group is a broadly based financial services organisation that operates through three divisions:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Property
  • Funds Management

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With the flexibility and user friendliness of Infor FMS SunSystems, Grant Samuel were able to improve data capabilities.



Grant Samuel had found that it had outgrown the capabilities of its existing financial management system, Attache. It offered limited flexibility in terms of transaction processing and integrating with external systems such as Excel. It also had limited reporting capabilities. There was very little capability to adjust and customise these reports to suit the needs of management and drilling down to source transactions was not possible.


It did not satisfy the needs of the Grant Samuel business model as it did not cater for multiple lines of business, divisions and offices. It lacked functionality for automated allocations, consolidations and intercompany transactions and a fixed assets register.


Solution and implementation

Lien Pham, Finance Manager for Grant Samuel decided to evaluate alternative financial systems. Key criteria for the new system included the capability to accommodate multiple entities, intercompany transactions, consolidation, asset management, multi-currency requirements and flexible user friendly reporting. Grant Samuel conducted a thorough evaluation process and based on their requirements selected the Infor FMS SunSystems solution from Professional Advantage.  


Professional Advantage and Grant Samuel completed an Implementation Planning Study (IPS) which focused on confirming the fit of the system, critical success factors, project objectives and business requirements. This allowed both organisations to thoroughly scope the project and synchronise expectations. The IPS Report was then signed off by the board of directors and the design phase of the implementation commenced. The project went live under budget and on time, although the project was stretched out to accommodate staff requirements.


Professional Advantage provided a complete implementation service e.g. design configuration, data conversation, testing, training and project management.


Grant Samuel is using Infor FMS SunSystems to manage general ledger accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, expense allocation, intercompany transactions, consolidation, BAS lodgement and financial reporting. The flexibility and user friendliness of Infor FMS SunSystems allows Grant Samuel to seamlessly export and import data to and from MS Excel and access all transactional and reference information quickly.  


Although the implementation did run smoothly and to schedule, Grant Samuel did face some challenges. As Infor FMS SunSystems has more defined transactional analysis codes than the replaced system, this complicated the data migration and necessitated reconciliation to be performed following the implementation.


"Generally speaking, the implementation was an easy process. We faced some challenges with the data migration, but Professional Advantage helped us through that. Professional Advantage has also provided us good technical advice, training and support, which has really helped the finance team to come to grips with Infor FMS SunSystems," said Lien Pham.



"We've been very happy with Infor FMS SunSystems. The reliability of the system is excellent and the finance team has been able to improve efficiencies, especially around transaction processing and reporting," said Lien Pham.


Reporting processes have improved, with reports now taking less time to produce. Grant Samuel also has increased confidence in the accuracy of these reports, due to increased data controls and security.


Other benefits include improved data inquiry capabilities, ease of posting, and enhanced audit controls.


The future

Grant Samuel is currently using Infor FMS SunSystems in its Sydney office, and intends to roll out the Infor FMS SunSystems Accounts Payable functions to its Melbourne office shortly. Grant Samuel is also looking at implementing additional modules over the coming year, including Expense Management and Electronic Purchasing.